The Pearl Laguna is an intimate wellness retreat located in one of Southern California’s most idyllic settings: Laguna Beach.

Nestled amongst the trees in Laguna Canyon, this twelve-bedroom, fourteen-bath luxurious ashram offers single week and multi-week programs, designed to harness the transformative powers of yoga and nature.

The Pearl Laguna Program rejuvenates guests by combining a cleansing diet with three core activities: yoga, hiking, and meditation. Each day’s activities are thoughtfully conceived, so that they flow into and complement the next, creating a powerful whole.

This is a place and a program of rejuvenation. Guests come to cleanse and get into shape, renewing their Spirit and emerging from their stay stronger, healthier, and revitalized.

The program at The Pearl Laguna is based on four pillars: Natural Excercise, Natural Food, Rest and Positive Loving Thoughts.

Created by two world-renowned yogis, Geo and Katresha Moskios. The Pearl Laguna not only offers a calming and gorgeous escape, it also provides proven results.

Upcoming special Desitnation Retreats: PERU - MALLORCA

Hiking in Laguna Wilderness