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I am a general surgeon in the midwest. I have had a challenging year physically and mentally. I became so stressed and exhausted that my wife insisted I take a break and heal from it all. I called my travel agent and begged her for a best of breed vacation where I could reconnect with myself and come home feeling energized and ready to enjoy my life again. She didn't hesitate to recommend The Pearl Laguna. I didn't know what to expect but she was convinced it was the perfect destination for my situation. Being a Southern California fan and a beginner Yoga student/outdoorsman I thought, "what the heck". From the moment I arrived in Orange County I was taken care of. From transporation to meals to great education, yoga, hiking, nutrition and relaxation I experienced an amazing transformation from toxic exhaustion to energized renewal. The entire staff was superb and my every need was accommodated. The landscape was gorgeous and the daily program was invigorating. My room was lovely and private. No elevators, no bellmen, no lines, no hidden expenses, no fussing over what to eat. A totally splendid 7 day experience that I will always remember fondly. The healer is healed. Thank you The Pearl Laguna.

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"The Pearl Laguna Transformation
I first went to The Pearl Laguna a year ago and did the 1 week program. After coming off an intense work schedule and neglecting to look after myself I realized I needed to make some rather large changes if I wanted to live a happy and healthy life. Changes I'd been trying to make for a while but wasn't quite able to get their on my own. I booked into The Pearl for a full month and left feeling like a completely new woman! My friend's call it The Pearl Laguna Total Transformation. Of course there were the physical changes from a month of clean, fresh and delicious vege meals (the food was just as good as I remembered it being the first time) and plenty of physical activity. What started off as grueling daily hikes soon became my favorite part of the day. The beauty of the canyons is breathtaking and I am amazed at how quickly my fitness improved (we are talking about a girl who had done zero exercise all year!). The yoga classes are also the best I have ever taken and I only wish I lived closer to Laguna so I could become one of Geo's faithful regulars. The biggest changes from my stay however happened in my mind. Slowly each day I found myself opening up and being able to relax and receive the wisdom that this place has to offer. I have a new appreciation for the power of my thoughts and how they impact my health as well as a much better understanding of what is truly important in my life. As Katresha says it's all about balance! Geo, Katresha and all of the staff at The Pearl are incredible. They bring a personal and professional touch to every detail of the program. It really is a special place and for anyone who wants to make changes and needs some inspiration or a kick start then I can't recommend it enough.

p.s. - I have to also mention the daily massages....some of the best of my life!

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A California yoga, hiking and cleansing retreat set amongst the trees in gorgeous Laguna Canyon. The Pearl Laguna • 21095 Raquel Road • Laguna Beach CA 92651 • 949 715 1674