Look no further than the The Pearl Laguna I am a 54 year old male who played football in college so I was looking for a physically challenging but high quality health retreat experience. The Pearl Laguna proved to be the ideal choice for me. I weighed in at The Pearl at 289 (over 50 lbs above my playing weight 32 years ago) and 3 weeks later weighed out at 253. I lost 36 lbs and 40 inches! My dramatic results were largely a function of extreme hard work. But even those who guests were less "driven" enjoyed marked weight loss. Daily yoga, hiking and strength conditioning proved to be an ideal exercise regimen that rendered positive results for everyone. Equally (if not more) important were the "life lessons" I took away fromThe Pearl. Geo and Katresha (and the entire wonderful staff at The Pearl) are completely committed to helping their guests understand what healthy living is all about. And after many years of great work, G and K profess that the key to TRUE health and well-being is "balance" in all phases of one's life. The lesson is as simple as it is beautiful. And it was my three week immersion that permanently impressed this seemingly easy concept on my entire being. Since returning home almost 1 month ago, my eating habits have changed rather dramatically but I do not deprive myself of indulgences. I just make sure to limit the quantity and/or regularlity of indulgences. (It's all about balance.) I also continue to exercise regularly but not necessarily daily. (Again, it's all about balance.) To date, I'm happy to report that I've maintained my check out weight of 253 (and this is no easy task when living in "The Big Easy"). I am confident that those lessons learned at The Pearl will remain with me for life. The Pearl Laguna is a wonderful place to stay. The staff is knowledgeable, professional and enormously pleasant. The living areas are welcoming and the bedrooms are great - comfy beds and pillows. My bathroom was enormous. As for the food, the vegetarian fare is quite delicious and more than sufficient to sustain even a big guy like me. Finally, the daily massages were the best I've ever had. Period. They are a real treat. The Pearl Laguna is the best health retreat experience you will find anywhere.

Heaven on Earth... Whether it's the talented and downright lovable owners & staff, the food, (freshness and culinary bliss you won't soon forget) the physical stimulation my body yearns for, the ever-present tranquility, the sublime bedding and showers, Katresha and Geo's unmatched instruction, humility and insight, the fresh flowers everywhere, waking up to the sound of birds in the gorgeous trees that surrounded me, enjoying their infrared sauna after having the massage of my life, the natural beauty of Laguna Canyon, the sense of spirit everywhere... I've never spent so much quality time in what felt like such a few hours. LOVE, LOVE, LOVED IT!!!

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A California yoga, hiking and cleansing retreat set amongst the trees in gorgeous Laguna Canyon. The Pearl Laguna • 21095 Raquel Road • Laguna Beach CA 92651 • 949 715 1674

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