I have been privileged to spend a week with Geo and Katresha and have learned the balance of eating well, caring for my body, expressing my own talents without comparison and rejoicing in the fact that when I am strong, I can help others even more. I realized just how much my body craves and supports a healthy body that responds with complete energy when I treat it right with simple changes. Get ready to amaze yourself with your own limitless possibilities, renewed health, focus, flexibility within your body AND mind, and make new friends that will feel like family that you LIKE, throughout your stay. Be privileged by introducing yourself to the Duo that walks the walk, talks the talk, and are simply just lit up about helping others acquaint themselves with the HEALTH nature intends for you to have! Enjoy your journey, the excitement begins the moment you are greeted. You'll see...sign up and let health happen! Hey, GEO and KATRESHA...THANK YOU for your continued commitment and faith in people who CAN change their lives with the one thing that matters most..their health! I know..I came, I saw, I learned, I had a blast and I conquered!
~ Kim McCoy Chicago, IL

It changed my life! You MUST go!
Not only did I lose 6 1/2 lbs and 12 1/2 inches after spending a week at The Pearl Laguna, but I also increased strength, flexiblity, toned up my arms and gained a peaceful, positive attitude, as well as some dear friends! This is a magical place with vignettes of nature through every window & beautiful, comfortable accommodations. Geo & Katresha are amazing hosts, providing loving support every step of the way. You'll forget that the incredible vegetarian cuisine is healthy and low calorie as each dish is delicious, creative and beautifully presented using only the freshest ingredients. The hiking scenery is spectacular and the yoga classes are the best I've taken - each movement flowing into the next in a natural progression. There are also SO many other fabulous perks included, like daily massages, laundry service, and specialty facial masks, just to mention a few. It was SO wonderful, I wish I had booked one more week! I continue to use everything I learned there to change my life for the better. I look forward to returning in the near future, as a special gift to myself.
~ Elizabeth Rubel, Laguna Beach, CA

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A California yoga, hiking and cleansing retreat set amongst the trees in gorgeous Laguna Canyon. The Pearl Laguna • 21095 Raquel Road • Laguna Beach CA 92651 • 949 715 1674

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