A First Class Spa in Laguna Beach To Rival the Best in the World
Prepare to revitalize the body and reconnect with the spirit ! From the moment you walk through the door, the healing and positive energy of Blue Pearl's founders, Geo and Katresha, embrace you. I was so happy to see two of the most gifted teachers in yoga and meditation finally have a place to guide all those seeking a holistic and balanced approach to wellness. What a gorgeous setting and serene facility! I absolutely loved the rooms! Simple and inspired by the beauty of Laguna Beach itself, each room is unique and provides each guest a comfortable place to slow down, breathe deep, and let go. Named after the local beaches of Laguna, you are sure to have a favorite that you will want to return to again and again. I have never seen a more beautiful yoga room. The large windows let you enjoy the majestic greenery and hillside views which provide a perfect focal point as you practice. The lighting and art create a surreal glow to the room that can't help but provide a sense of the sacred to your time there. And after a vigorous day of yoga and hiking, there is ample time and space to be pampered and reflect during a massage, sauna, or dip in the pool! Katresha ensures that you are more than ready to embrace the next day with delicious cuisine that will serve to nourish and cleanse. Your body will never feel better! After a week of this intensive holistic program, you return to the outside world transformed from the inside out. You also leave with new tools for bringing wellness to your life beyond the walls of The Pear Lagunal. The place and the program are truly extraordinary! If you are fortunate to reside in Laguna, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a first class retreat in your own back yard. If you are coming from far and wide, rest assured you have found the finest and most experienced of teachers in a world-class setting!

The best Apple I ever tasted...
Until I got to the orange infused slice!!!! A slice of Heaven here on earth. I am referring to the snack packs that are packed for us every morning for our beautiful hikes. You can't believe how delicious something can taste when you can focus on "mindful" eating, the ability to focus and truly enjoy what you eat with out the other distractions that continually take us away mentally. The teachings of being in the moment is so peaceful, the ability of "mindful" stepping, eating, poses in yoga, lunch on the grass, a walk along the beach, the teachings they give you to bring back to your own life. The true gift is what Geo, Katresha, and gems that they have chosen for their staff, teach you with love, kindness, and energy. I have been home for two weeks and not a morning, a meal, and an evening has gone by that I don't think of my time there and each of them. A warm comfortable glow rises in my heart, brings a smile to my face and a calmness to my active brain. The BEST apple I ever had.... THE BEST GIFT I'VE EVER GIVEN MYSELF

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A California yoga, hiking and cleansing retreat set amongst the trees in gorgeous Laguna Canyon. The Pearl Laguna • 21095 Raquel Road • Laguna Beach CA 92651 • 949 715 1674

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