★ ★ ★ ★ ★ One of a kind & second to none

"The Pearl Laguna is truly one of a kind. I’ve been to several yoga retreats but this is second to none. The Pearl is not only a fabulous yoga retreat, it also includes challenging hiking, a delicious cleanse and a lot of pampering. The team at The Pearl is truly there to serve and no detail is left undone - from the face masks to the foot soaks to the best massages I’ve ever had to the gorgeous fresh flowers and stunning table settings. Not to mention I was able to learn from the best Yogis - Geo and Katresha. My experience at The Pearl was just as good internally as it was externally. I love that I lost pounds and inches - but even more so that I gained incredible life perspective and wisdom from every interaction with Geo and Katresha and their gifted team. I am leaving my time at The Pearl rejuvenated, restored and walking from fear into love with a strong open heart."

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ A First Class Spa in Laguna Beach To Rival the Best in the World

"Prepare to revitalize the body and reconnect with the spirit! From the moment you walk through the door, the healing and positive energy of The Pearl's founders, Geo and Katresha, embrace you. I was so happy to see two of the most gifted teachers in yoga and meditation finally have a place to guide all those seeking a holistic and balanced approach to wellness. What a gorgeous setting and serene facility! I absolutely loved the rooms! The place and the program are truly extraordinary! If you are fortunate to reside in Laguna, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a first class retreat in your own back yard. If you are coming from far and wide, rest assured you have found the finest and most experienced of teachers in a world-class setting!"

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The Best Kept Secret!

"I have been to many places through the years to get grounded, shed a few pounds, eat healthy and get physically challenged. I was an annual vistor for almost a decade at the Ashram in Southern California. This year, our group decided to try "The Pearl" in Laguna . I now know where I will be for the next decade. Geo and Katresha the founders and leaders are "YOUR" long lost family members. I have never had better results. I find myself eating healthier, and more balanced as a result of our week. It is a place you will hate to leave. I am counting down the days for my return........maybe again this year!!!!"

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The healer is healed

" I am a general surgeon in the midwest. I have had a challenging year physically and mentally. I became so stressed and exhausted that my wife insisted I take a break and heal from it all. I called my travel agent and begged her for a best of breed vacation where I could reconnect with myself and come home feeling energized and ready to enjoy my life again. She didn't hesitate to recommend The Pearl Laguna. I didn't know what to expect but she was convinced it was the perfect destination for my situation. Being a Southern California fan and a beginner Yoga student/outdoorsman I thought, "what the heck". From the moment I arrived in Orange County I was taken care of. From transporation to meals to great education, yoga, hiking, nutrition and relaxation I experienced an amazing transformation from toxic exhaustion to energized renewal. The entire staff was superb and my every need was accommodated. The landscape was gorgeous and the daily program was invigorating. My room was lovely and private. No elevators, no bellmen, no lines, no hidden expenses, no fussing over what to eat. A totally splendid 7 day experience that I will always remember fondly. The healer is healed. Thank you The Pearl Laguna.

p.s. - I have to also mention the daily massages....some of the best of my life!"

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Look no further than the The Pearl Laguna

" I am a 54 year old male who played football in college so I was looking for a physically challenging but high quality health retreat experience. The Pearl Laguna proved to be the ideal choice for me. I weighed in at The Pearl at 289 (over 50 lbs above my playing weight 32 years ago) and 3 weeks later weighed out at 253. I lost 36 lbs and 40 inches! My dramatic results were largely a function of extreme hard work. But even those who guests were less "driven" enjoyed marked weight loss. Daily yoga, hiking and strength conditioning proved to be an ideal exercise regimen that rendered positive results for everyone. Equally (if not more) important were the "life lessons" I took away fromThe Pearl. Geo and Katresha (and the entire wonderful staff at The Pearl) are completely committed to helping their guests understand what healthy living is all about.The Pearl Laguna is a wonderful place to stay. The staff is knowledgeable, professional and enormously pleasant. The living areas are welcoming and the bedrooms are great - comfy beds and pillows. My bathroom was enormous. As for the food, the vegetarian fare is quite delicious and more than sufficient to sustain even a big guy like me. Finally, the daily massages were the best I've ever had. Period. They are a real treat. The Pearl Laguna is the best health retreat experience you will find anywhere."


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Lessons that improved my health & life

"I am so excited to tell you that since my visit to The Pearl about two years ago, I have consistently been doing yoga and hiking and eating healthy foods and my recent Dexa test, which measures bone density, showed a significant improvement in my bone density levels in comparison to two years ago! I am elated and I feel so much gratitude to you and Geo for inspiriring me to incorporate these positive changes in my life. The lessons you taught have stayed with me and I thank you with my whole heart."

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