The chefs at The Pearl lovingly prepare delicious meals using locally sourced, organic vegetables, herbs, fruits and non-gluten grains to achieve optimal health and cleanse the body. These pure, alkaline foods coupled with daily hiking in nature, yoga and relaxation result in vibrant health and healing.

Hiking:  There are daily 3-hour guided trail hikes through the spectacular hills of Laguna Canyon.  (Both Saturday and Sunday’s hikes are shorter to accommodate travel.)   Morning brings new discovery as guests hike through 20,000 acres of open space and experience some of the last remaining coastal canyons in California. Each day will complement the next as you progress through the program, using your physical body to calm and focus your mind and spark your spirit.

Yoga/Meditation:  Two daily yoga classes. Geo’s Signature Power Yoga class in the morning designed to energize, and build strength and flexibility.  Flow yoga in the evening complemented by stretching and relaxation to support peaceful sleep.  Breathing practices, awareness and focus, tai chi, along with chakra healing sessions are included during the week.

Workout: Fitness guides lead gym workouts in The Pearl Laguna’s open-air gym designed to tone, strengthen and build flexibility.

Diet: The cuisine is pure, organic – and delicious. Beautifully prepared vegetarian dishes designed for cleansing and optimal health. No alcohol, caffeine, processed food or refined sugars are used. Guests drop unwanted weight as they strengthen and cleanse their bodies. Information regarding the healing properties of foods and herbs are discussed during the week.

Massage/Rest: Guests enjoy a therapeutic healing massage daily (Monday-Friday). We also encourage the daily use of our infrared sauna to eliminate built-up environmental toxins and promote healing. These restorative practices, along with afternoon rest, enhance the cleansing process, help the body recover and rebuild, while providing a balanced reward to the day’s physical exercise.

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Our program at The Pearl Laguna includes hiking, yoga, massages and healthy cuisine.

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A California yoga, hiking and cleansing retreat set amongst the trees in gorgeous Laguna Canyon. The Pearl Laguna • 21095 Raquel Road • Laguna Beach CA 92651 • 949 715 1674